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This Technique will help you get to sleep

"Thought I found a way...

Thought I found a way out (found)

But you never go away (never go away)"

So I guess I gotta stay now..." Lyrical Work, Artist, Billie Eilish and Khalid "Lovely"

Sleep is more than just something you need to get beautified, or that happens when your body can't stay up any longer. No, it is much more serious than that. Sleep is

so importance that scientist attribute lack of it to anything from obesity (specifically belly fat formed by cortisol, which culprit, it is in abundance in the belly when you don't sleep, i.e. higher cortisol levels linked to abdominal obesity ), to a weaken immune system that can reek havoc via a host of ailments, to an early death.

I also had joined the unwilling "Zombie" group where sleep alluded me for a couple of days. I tried several things until

something finally worked. I still use it if I need to, even today.

Many years ago I was at the library (yes that long ago). I was picking up my weekly music and foreign language tape. One of the books talked about a technique for memorizing better. I used the technique a few times and it did assist me memorizing material a little better. However, it would not be until almost a decade later I would "repurpose" this technique to help me fall asleep.

I know many can not sleep because their brains are "on alert", for what ever reason, even though they want to sleep. Things run through the mind over and over, or jumps to this or that. With this , their needs to be a directive of the "thought pattern", a more "easier" on

e so one can sleep.

The problem is, it is not that easy, not if you do not fill the mind with something innocuous. In other words, if you just get the mind off the "thoughts" that are keeping you up your problem would be solved. Lucky for you this technique will help you get your mind directed away from your alertness or repetitive thoughts that keep you awake. This is not the only only method that will help you with this problem. I will be posting more blogs with additional ways to help you sleep ( you can subscribe and request any topic), for now use this method...

Get comfortable wherever you want to sleep. You may play ocean sounds or babbling water brook sounds , or even nature sounds, or you may just have complete quiet.. .Close your eyes, next take a deep long breath, hold it for at least 5 seconds, and let it out as slowly as you can. Repeat this 3 times. Now, while your eyes are closed picture looking in a left corner in your mind, see the letter" A", then look in the right corner of your mind and see the number "1", again, look left in your minds eye and see a letter "B" Look to your right mind's eye and see the number "2" sl . Keep going left to right letter picturing letters on one side and number on the other side until you get to the le

tter Z and the number 26 ( the last letter Z would be 26) .

Do not worry if you messed up and have to start over, its fine there's no grading. Infect starting over is a good thing, now your mind is busy and since your eyes are closed you will get the signal to your brain to go sleep with out you even being conscious to making yourself sleep. In the beginning I fell a sleep the first few times always before Z, 26... I am sure you will too. Let me know if this helps Happy sleeping and I hope yoovibe right into slumber land. #thishelpsyousleep

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