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Are Bottled Teas Healthful...No

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Nah to the ah to the, no, no, no

My name is no

My sign is no

My number is no...

Lyrical work of Meghan Trainor "No"

All teas are not created equal, and all teas deliveries to you are not created equal. when you purchase a tea you do it for a number of reasons. One is the feeling you get when you drink a warm tea, as well, that soothing almost feeling you get is likened to drinking warm milk or cocoa.

It is universally satisfying. It is relaxing and physically comforting, as well it hits a sense of "well-being ". Moreover, it induces the drinker to enjoy this moment. Another reason tea is one of the most enjoyable drinks in the world is its health benefits.

It is well documented that tea

substances can boost the immune system, aid the digestive system, help you relax physically, helps your heart stay healthier by improving cardiovascular systems and anti-inflammatory, weight management, help treat or improve neurodegenerative disease and much more The magical main substance in tea is polyphenols; catechins and epicatechins. Although you can get this substance in o

ther foods, tea holds a very concentrated amount of it. Green tea holds the highest amount of polyphenols. Now, this brings

me to explain why bottled tea is not healthful like freshly brewed green and white teas, and not even as remotely as healthy as fresh-brewed tea. It must be noted black tea has lesser amounts of these substances and is why Yoovibe Organic Tea does not produce tea mixes with black tea, as well it has an unusually bitter taste and is linked to breast cancer, as denoted in scientific research studies conducted: "Tea consumption and the risk of five major cancers: a dose–response meta-analysis of prospective studies", from US National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health. The bottom line is bottled teas skimps ( putting it lightly here) on polyphenols. Polyphenols are the important reasons to drink tea. Bottled teas do not place this main reason for its existence. Why would I say this, because of it process of diluting it and then shipping the tea as opposed to a fresh-brewed tea? Tea is best, in terms of its health benefits, when freshly-brewed where the polyphenol bonds have not been broken down of its molecular structure to the point of no benefits of the polyphenols because the chemical bonds are no longer there

for the most part. You would be drinking water by the time you received the bottled tea bought online or at the store. According Shiming Li, PhD, of the New Jersey-based life sciences company states "However, there is a huge gap between the perception that tea consumption is healthy and the actual amount of the healthful nutrients -- polyphenols -- found in bottled tea beverages. Our analysis of tea beverages found that the polyphenol content is extremely low." He also further stated, "And some contain such small amounts that a person would have to drink 20 bottles to get the same polyphenol benefit in a single cup of tea." Lastly, he further stated any small benefits of the bottled tea, was offset by any amount of sugar added. Yoovibe Organic Tea knows why you drink tea, and yes it's for the benefits. So drink up Yoovibers...we've got your back!

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