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Mind your feelings for a better life

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Stars when you shine, you know how I feel

Scent of the pine, you know how I feel

Oh freedom is mine

And I know how I feel...

Lyrical work : #NinaSimone "Feeling Good"

Can we choose to feel a certain way? Are our feelings really not in our control? Does our situations really dictate how we feel? After all, isn't the saying "The heart wants what the heart wants" ? This is as if to say we are not in control of our emotions or feelings, and that our emotions and our feelings have a line of business all on

their own and we are there just for the direction, like a beast of burden. Take these situations as an example; Someone cuts in front of you while driving with out a signal causing you to have to slam on your breaks.

You are on track to be at the meeting on time, and then a very elderly women pulls in front of you and drives 5 miles "below" the speed limit and you have no way to get around her for the next five miles, causing you to now undoubtedly be late for the meeting. In the first scenario we have seen rode rage plays out as a result, either with one driver or both. In the second case, a little old lady gets cursed out and told to go do something she has probably not done ever done to her self. Many of us thought the reactors were going over board. These are perfect examples of how letting you emotions or feelings get away and as a result, ends in very bad extremities.

Although these are extreme examples, there are smaller burst of flames happening all over the place and I am sure you can think of some even in your own life. It is always a good thing to realize the we have the "choice"to feel a certain way. We do not have to knee jerk emotions about anything. What if the next time that rambunctious child or pet is not cooperating and you are really them to, try a different thought direction. any thought process that you take that gets you to a do no harm in any way to yourself or anyway. There's some science that says that getting upset as a routine can actually make one "believe" it is upsetting situation because the physiology or manner you are composing your body speech and or breathing can alert the brain to "be upset". So if taking the routine out of reactions can help your stress levels and make you a much more in control of your emotions person it worth talking a look in to.

Stop and say to yourself I can choose to feel this way or that way, I do not have to feel this way or that way I could choose laugh or hug or sing or say its just not worth getting upset, life will go on and "this to shall pass". Before you know might just find yourself skating through the day with less stress and more enjoyment. After all, before it's all said and done (and there will come a day when it is all done), we want to look back and reflect and say we had more days we can recall that were good than not. Start with making how you feel a "thoughtful choice". Those good day s will stacking up miles taller than the not so good days.

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