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Q: Does Yoovibe Tea use a large company for tea design and shipment.

We do not use a tea shipment company, we develop the teas we sell in our shop and send  them them straight to you.

Q: Are Yoovibe Teas organic. Yes they are organic and gluten free In addition, we work with suppliers who have pledged fair trade on as many supplies they utilize, and  sustainable harvesting so there may be a price point that not like some other teas because of these specialties we bring to consumers.

Q: Do you offer refunds. Although we hope you are quite satisfied and pleased with your purchase, we offer refunds as long as the product  has not shipped other wise we do offer credit.

Q: Yoovibe tea are specialty, teas what does that mean. Yes Yoovibe teas are specialty which means they have more  properties than just a circumstantial tea leaf, although this is the main part of tea, Yoovibe tea has added herbs and ingredients that are all natural and organic to bolster more healthy benefits, each tea description provides detials

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