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Our Message To You 

 1) Our Organic Specialty Teas have enhanced benefits, more than your average tea. In these times we need to be progressive to be at our healthiest.  We are passionate about our teas! We formulate our teas utilizing years of research in Tea and  Herbology as it relates to health. We develop our teas in our shop and ship them straight to you.  Assisting you in optimizing health is an honor and we believe you've made an excellent choice to making Yoovibe Specialty Teas a part of "you being better"! 

2) We believe that you hold the key to your health, we believe that the body is designed to keep you healthy, we believe that you can aid your body and mind to be as vital (full of energy; lively) as possible! 

-Yoovibe Organic Specialty Tea Team

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